PrintTrak versions


20-01-09 - PrintTrak 2.40 released

Logging Server

Enhancement: People can be deleted by multiple selection.

Enhancement: People can be moved into groups by multiple selection.

Enhancement: Extended 30 day trial available.

Logging client:

Enhancement: Queued (stuck) print logs can be boved to another printer.

Enhancement: The logs queue can be ordered by date, username, machinename etc.

Enhancement: Print logs can be deleted by selection.

Enhancement: Print log timeouts can be reset.

Enhancement: The logging client can be password protected to stop unauthorised use (Options).

Enhancement: The number of tries to send a log before timeout can be set (Options).

20-09-08 - PrintTrak 2.38 released

Renaming from Printer Squirrel to PrintTrak in accordance with company direction policies.

30-12-07 - Printer Squirrel 2.36 released.

BUG FIX: Higher numbered printer events not being recorded. Note: This is a fix in both the client and server logging services so both need to be updated.

The query name is now included on reports and charts, in addition to the query string.

Deleted logs space is now reclaimed by new logs. (Resulting in a smaller log table) 

30-07-07 - Printer Squirrel 2.32 released.

Import/Export user accounts from a tab separated file has been added.

An account code descriptor can now be assigned to a group.

The client logging service has been rewritten to get rid of some memory leaks.

Reverse name resolution has been added to resolve machine names. In the past Printer Squirrel accepted the default logged machine name passed to it. This could be in the form \\MachineName or\\IPAddress.

Printer Squirrel now attempts to resolve all machine names supplied in the form \\IPAddress to the form \\MachineName. This function in Microsoftese is 'unreliable', in other words it depends on the configuration of the network and if particular machines are operational. For instance if you use WINS and your WINS server is down the name cannot be resolved

Printer mode forcing has been added. Some printer drivers incorrectly report the color mode of print jobs. This usually applies to Monochrome laser printers always reporting jobs as being in color. In the Virtual printer setup you can override this value.

Previous month(s) queries has been added. Now you can easily say something like show me the logs for the past 3 months. This is especially useful when using automatic outputs.

11-05-07 - Printer Squirrel 2.30 released.


We have changed the way in which the logging clients talk to the logging servers to get around the problem of contact sometimes being lost if services were restarted.

If you find that after this upgrade, logs are no longer being received by the logging server you will need to:

On the logging client(s), edit each printer and select your logging server again from the 'send logs to' dropdown list. (you will probably find that your logging server name has changed from something like 'spiff2' to 'spiff') You will only need to do this once.

Restart the logging client service when all printers are redirected.

Major changes in this release

Logging client: The way in which the logging clients talk to the logging servers has been changed to get around the problem of contact sometimes being lost if services were restarted.

Logging client: The logging client configuration utility has been redesigned for easier use. It also now autodetects logging servers on the local area network.

Logging server: Account codes can now be entered for groups.

Logging server: Printer status events are now logged and alert emails can be sent on reciept of a particular status event.

Logging client: Now checks for the existence (ping) of a logging server at startup and refresh (once every day). If no server is found notification is displayed and logging continues. (Logs are queued for later delivery to the logging server)

10/03/07 - Printer Squirrel 2.26 released.

Added support for web interface

Net ID bug in configuration utility fixed.

14/02/07 - Printer Squirrel 2.25 released.

Printer status reported to server.

12/12/06 - Printer Squirrel 2.21 released.

Registration system changed.

Client service buffer overflow fixed.

User interface redesign.

Exrta charts/reports added.